Rural Yatras and jatras Is One of the Best options in Rural India for Targeting Rural People

If you are a religious person who doesnt miss a single opportunity of taking a dip in the holy rivers by participating in humongous events such as Kumbh or Simhastha, then you must have noticed the noticeable change happened in the recent years.

The commercial aspect of such gatherings is not limited to the grand events mentioned above, but you can see it in every yatra or jatra in the rural market.

Yes, there was a little commercialization in the good old times also, but today rural marketing companies go an extra mile to make the best use of these events to promote their brand or product.

Marketers realize the importance of promoting products in religious events

As these events become more popular and convenient, marketers find them fit for promoting brands and products. Not only the events give excellent visibility but also help in reaching a widespread audience.

A few innovative companies such as Vritti Imedia did a splendid work in the niche by designing innovative rural marketing campaigns. It makes use of things that are directly connected to the pilgrims. The campaigns enhance the end-user experience and simultaneously focus on brand promotion.

So far, the strategy has been highly successful. People relate the product marketing concept to the religious experience and remember the product and brand forever.

Creativity is very much important

Rural marketing events in India that got success in the religious events (jatras and yatras) were highly creative and engaging. The efforts made by the respective marketing team were quite visible.

For example, Vritti set up massage kiosks to promote Navratna Oil of Emami. It offered free head massage to the pilgrims. It was a soothing and relieving experience for everyone.

In the recent events, marketers distributed eatables or energy drinks to people, or established free wi-fi centers and sponsored mobile changing rooms for ladies.

All these efforts not only promoted the brand but underlined the commitment and affection of the company for India and Indian people.

Religious events make it economically feasible

Branding and advertisement in rural areas is a costly affair in India due to the difficulty in reaching the target audience. However, these religious events make it profitable because you can target large audience by spending less.

Millions of devotees gather from all corners of India to take part in the religious activities, making it a lucrative branding opportunity.

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