Rural Yatras and Jatras A mode of rural marketing

India is a land of diversified cultures. It is an enormous melting pot of religious beliefs, customs, and traditions. Religious events, melas, jatras and yatras are our cultural identity. They are going on round the year in different parts of the country.

Typically, a jatra or yatra is a religious event where thousands of people gather at a particular place with a specific religious reason. They come together, celebrate the event and disperse.

Some of these events such as Kumbha Mela or Simhastha have a nationwide importance, and the participation is in millions.

No wonder, marketing managers find these events highly lucrative. They conceive and implement a series of campaigns that grab the utmost attention.

It is a cost-friendly and effective strategy

Since you get an enormous crowd in the melas (or Yatras or Jatras), it is a great idea to get incredible publicity by spending less. From the branding perspective to visibility and product promotion to social awareness, it is a superb opportunity.

Vritti iMedia is a well-known digital media marketing company and advertising agency that has understood the importance of these events. It has specifically targeted the annual religious festivals that take place in the interior and rural areas of our country.

Since there is a huge potential in the rural consumer market, it is highly important to connect to the rural customers in the way that appeals them the most. Targeting these religious occasions would be highly imperative and rewarding.

You connect well with the consumer

When haats, melas, and jatras become the conversation points, you intercept with the audience quite well. We can compare it with the exhibitions or branding events happening in the huge malls and shopping centers around.

Each congregation point gives you the opportunity to interact with a different audience. When marketing managers do homework before launching the campaign and get the pulse of it, the results are outstanding.

If the event largely attracts women, then the campaign has to be different. Size and demographics of the audience play a pivotal role in deriving the marketing strategy.

Competition becomes tougher and tougher

The rural events no longer remain an unexplored niche. There is quite tough competition because everyone has realized the potential hidden beneath. No wonder, Mela Authorities keep on increasing prices and branding space year after year.

Mela events become high-profile marketing events where brands battle for maximum bandwidth. It is a paradigm shift in the Indian marketing scenario in the past few decades.

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