Vritti iMedia celebrates 11th foundation anniversary today

Vritti i-media, the pioneers in advertising niche, celebrates the 11th foundation anniversary. The company earns a great respect and recognition with its ability to introduce unique and innovative solutions. Our correspondent talks to the CEO of Vritti.

Which is the achievement that thrilled you the most? Our correspondent is eager to know about it.

Answering to the question CEO of Vritti says, Every achievement is thrilling for me because there is a lot of blood and sweat behind the success whether it is big or small. What is important is; one must set his or her own standards and try to overachieve it. Hence, it is difficult to rate any particular achievement outstanding. However, Audiowala Bus Stand and media campaigns conducted in Kumbh Mela and Pandharpur Wari can be mentioned because they got a great accolade. Not only media and our clients but even competitors also appraised it. He says joyfully.

Specialization, is Vritti aiming for it?

Our correspondent asks about the strategy of Vritti iMedia in the backdrop of increasing emphasis on specialization. How effective is the management about tackling the changing scenario? CEO of Vritti iMedia elaborately responds to it.

See, we have never believed in the so-called specialization myth. We believe in 360-degree solutions that can take care of diversified business needs. It is the reason; we are in event marketing, promotional marketing, kiosks and canopies, rural marketing, outdoor marketing, billboards, hoardings and banners. With a team of highly enthusiastic performers, we have been able to deliver remarkably effective campaigns.

When the team is innovative and creative, it can focus on multiple things simultaneously. It is like compartmentalization of creative energy. I am glad to tell that the Team Vritti has achieved remarkable milestones in these 11 years. The journey has been marvelous so far. I am confident that we will be able to conquer new heights by raising the bar. He concludes.

What about the future strategies?

Answering about future endeavors, CEO of Vritti i-media is pretty confident that the team will be doing wonders in the coming years. Due to an immense urge of performing better and better, the team will break its win records and reach heights that will be impossible to conquer. As per him, there is a single point agenda of Vritti; to perform better and better.

Looking at the brilliant performance so far, Vritti iMedia is certainly going to celebrate many such occasions. We wish them best wishes for a bright future.

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