How Vritti iMedia Mastered Success Mantras of Rural Marketing?

Indian rural market is different and peculiar in many aspects. Firstly, people are more skeptical about product pricing. Secondly, they arent quite conscious about the brand. In this situation, a marketing company has to derive separate strategies for the urban and rural markets. Statistics proves that not many of the marketing companies established a grip over rural marketing strategies as Vritti Media did. It has performed exceptionally well in the past with innovative ideas and solutions that got a massive hit.
With an increase in the disposable income and a grand influence of lifestyle products by constant hammering of television commercials, the buying philosophy of rural population shows a great change. They are gradually becoming brand conscious and not paying much attention to the price tag. Vritti iMedia is amongst a handful of companies that realized the immense possibilities of this market. The company has long-term goals of pioneering in the marketing ideas using the convergence of technologies. Use of Mobile marketing, eCommerce, and digital technology in the interior markets will change the rules of the game.
The success of Vritti iMedia is the outcome of clever marketing strategy
The company did many experiments earlier, and it has developed knacks and tricks after many permutations and combinations. Now the team knows what the rural consumers want and what appeals them?
Since there is a reasonable saturation in the urban market, it is a wise business strategy to move towards the interior areas. Since it is an unexplored market where unstructured marketing and local brands still have a good grip, those who make an early presence hit the nail on the head.
Another success mantra is market expansion. Vritti iMedia aspires to be a Pan-India player in the targeted time span, and the focus is on setting up strong processes that can be quickly replicated across the country. Certainly India is a diverse country where local factor put a considerable impact, but the company looks forward developing a generic strategy that works everywhere.
Scaling up the current successful marketing campaigns to other parts of India will bring high profitability and value for money. Since the fundamentals are in place, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
With the unmatched clarity about marketing strategy and meticulous planning and execution, Vritti iMedia has performed brilliantly in the past. The success story will be repeated further by replicating the successful strategies to virgin markets and developing out-of- the-box ideas for already established ones.

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