Rural Brand Building and Communications

Till 90s brand building in the rural market was virtually non-existing. Indian economy was moving at a slow pace, and there wasnt much brand awareness even in the urban areas. However, there has been a 180-degree change in the scenario after open economic policies and globalization. We see all world-famous brands showing their presence in the Indian markets and brand building is not limited to the glossy urban malls and shopping arcades, but it penetrates up to the smallest village located in the interiors of the district. Marketing Gurus spend considerable time and energy in designing effective brand building and market communication strategies.
Vritti Media is the leading marketing agency with a perspective that is with a unique perspective. It has been remarkably successful in building brands strongly in the Indian rural markets. The company created a history by conceptualizing a groundbreaking concept Audiowala Bus Stand. It is a massive hit in the southern states of India.
Rural marketing strategy is different
Experts know that the challenges in creating the marketing strategy for the rural market are totally different. It is important that the brand should associate with the lifestyle and thinking of the rural people. Brands that entered the rural market with the same marketing strategy which was quite successful in the urban world got major setback. There are several examples of it. Since people didnt relate to the identity, the product didnt click them.
When a seasoned agency such as Vritti Media conceptualizes branding strategy for the rural world, it makes sure that it talks the language of its consumers. It gets identified with their lifestyle and connects well with them.
The rural segment is highly brand loyal
This peculiar characteristic of the rural India has been substantiated by several market research projects. When these consumers establish trust in a product, they stick to it till there is a huge gap between expectations and fulfillment. It is needless to mention that designing an effective brand building strategy ensures perpetual yield.
Hence, Vritti Media burn their midnight oil in deriving concepts that are long-lasting. They dont just tweak urban strategy here and there to fit into the rural world. Rather, they derive innovative and relevant ideas that lure the audience.
An in-depth understanding of the people, their likes & dislikes is required for effective brand building strategy. Only those who know the pulse of the market can do it well.

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