Advantages of working with a growing company

Many times employees working in growing companies get more job satisfaction than people working in large organizations due to visibility and recognition. Promotions are usually easier to come by as your growth is usually proportional to the growth of the company. There is a great advantage in terms of less bureaucracy in a less formal environment. In a small business environment, senior management are very dedicated to their company, putting both customer and employee satisfaction at the fore-front of their list of priorities.

Employee Satisfaction

  • The opportunity move up in your career quickly
  • Good exposure due to direct client interaction
  • Variety of work
  • Close-knit group of employees willing to help you in your career
  • Advantage of hands-on experience in ERP early in your career
  • Equal opportunities to showcase your talents
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Human Resources

HR Spectrum

  Vritti Human Resource Policies

  • The policies are planned keeping in mind the fact that people are the company's greatest asset. A happy spectrum of the company's HR policy comprises of a multicultural workplace that adds to the global ethos, people friendly policies consisting of professionalism, commitment to quality, reward and recognition, training and personal development, growth strategy, best compensation and benefits in the industry.
  • Vritti believes in bringing together the sharpest and the finest talents in the industry - people who are passionate about their skills and can bring a diverse background to a vibrant team. Vritti also regards learning as a key factor that helps in achieving individual and company goals. It is one of the important reasons why the company has been successful over the years. Vritti employees keep pace with the rapidly changing industry by staying ahead of the learning curve. Vritti provides the tools, information and support needed to expand knowledge and employee growth potential.
  • The market may fluctuate, but business software and technology continue to evolve and expand every day. Vritti has managed to succeed over the years through outstanding quality, teamwork, and professionalism, and their compensation practices reflect the commitment to these principles. Vritti is an equal opportunity employer encouraging applicants of diverse background to submit their qualifications.


If you belive you are capable to work Passionately