Ekatm ERP, the best ERP Software for Indian SME’s

Running an SME in the Indian environment isn’t a doodle. There are so many things that one must take care of.

Managing operational efficiency and maximizing the control on business workflow are the most significant hurdles?

Is there any solution that can help to overcome these hurdles? Yes, a modern ERP software can do that. By providing insightful information and offering comprehensive features, it takes the operational efficiency at new heights.

Amongst the popular ERP systems that serve the SME sector, Ekatm ERP outshines. It is brought to you by Vritti Solutions, a leading business solution making company with years of experience.

Handle your business problems well, serve your customers effectively, and have better control of operations by installing Ekatm ERP solution.

The best ERP for SMEs that brings remarkable features

When a properly designed ERP system is used for integrating and streamlining business processes, things become convenient and comfortable.

Ekatm ERP fulfills all the needs of small and medium segment enterprises. It helps in managing operations better and integrating processes seamlessly.

  • It becomes the backbone of the process management in the SME.
  • By using Ekatm ERP, a business can automate the operations.
  • The information is accessible from anywhere, at any time.
  • It is useful for everyone in the organization; from the operational staff to the business leaders.

Since it is designed for the Indian environment, this ERP system is suitable for the whole spectrum of businesses.

Hence, whether you own a manufacturing unit, service industry, banking or financial institution, hospitality business or anything else; Ekatm ERP is the one and the only one business solution.

A competent team develops it

To make an ERP system outstanding, it is very much necessary that the development team is proficient and knowledgeable.

Whether it is customer relationship module or sales management, inventory management or financial management, or purchase management or product data management; everything is developed with the objective of covering the process end-to-end.

Hence, install the Ekatm ERP system and manage your business with clarity and control. With this scalable solution, you can grow as per your wish. The system will support the growing needs of the business.

Vritti Solutions is a company that believes that the client should not change the business process to meet the requirements of an ERP system.

Instead, the ERP should offer the necessary flexibility. It makes Ekatm an outstanding business solution!

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