Ekatm WMS


When Inbound loads arrive and there is no information available to identify inbound orders and order details. Moreover the buyer cannot be found or works on a different shift. When Inbound order description in the form of overages, undergoes and damages are not recorded properly and resolved in a speedy manner by your buyers / inventory managers.

When Putaway operators cannot commence putaway activity due to delay in receipt closure causing congestion on the dock. When inaccurate inventory information lead to recurring pick delays. When Pick locations are identified by multiple paper documents , making it difficult to understand for new employee and cause errors. When outbound transportation documents such as shipping labels, manifests,bills of loading are manually generated. When outbound orders are released for picking throughout the day and there is no process to consolidate multiple orders going to same ship address. When the process of handling returns from customer collection, receipt and sorting to final storage in the warehouse is not stream lined properly.

Salient Features

  • Modular and scalable architecture.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Ekatm function like “Approval” directly from mail request without going through menu.
  • Ability to schedule reports to be sent via e-mail.
  • Multi user, Multi plant functionality.
  • Formatted and raw data export/import in Excel and many other formats.
  • Integrating with principal company applications.

Put Away Using Barcode

  • Physical Movement of the material from default location to desired location will be done through handheld device
  • Container Bar Code will be scanned (one or more which will be kept at one location)
  • New Location on the Rack will be scanned
  • Once Posted Through Handheld device container location will be changed.



  • Gate Entry
  • GRN Entry
  • GRN Information
  • QC
  • Bin Accuracy
  • Sms


  • Inv/req. Entry
  • Pick List
  • Pic Confirmation
  • Shipment Creation
  • Picklist Short
  • Invoice Cancellation
  • Rejection Return
  • Manifest Entry

Prepetual Inventory

  • PI Generation
  • Phy. Stock Updation
  • PI Approval
  • PI Mismatch Approval
  • PI Post
  • PI ( Mismatch ) Report

Prepetual Inventory

  • Gate Pass Printing
  • Picklist Printing
  • Pi Report
  • Bin Accuracy
  • Closing Stock
  • Mis Reports
  • Stock Transit Report
  • Unloading Slip Report

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