vWorkbench is an answer to your requirements.

Vritti's vWorkbench is an innovative and value for money productivity tool that can help the business do the following

  • Assign/Allocate the work to employees
  • Track the achievement on Daily basis against the work assigned
  • Measure the hours spent project-wise /work-wise
  • Get the employee-wise productivity report
  • Get the project-wise status report (Completed, Delayed, Pending etc.)
  • Get the employee timesheet and attendance
  • Resource allocation and Resource Utilizatio

What is vWorkbench?

  • How many of us really measure where and how we spend our time?
  • Do we have a system to track how employees are spending their time on daily basis?
  • Can we think of your employee walking into office, switching on his computer and the computer pop's up the List of activities he has to perform for the day/week with deadlines?
  • Can we think of a system wherein you getting a employee-wise productivity report giving details of work assigned, work completed, work pending and work delayed?
  • Are you looking to gain complete control of your teams productivity whether in office or outside office?

For more details visit : www.vworkbench.com