Ekatm CRM

Call Evaluation Intelligence

The system is equipped with a intelligence to evaluate the call status & produce a system rating for the calls Hot, Warm or Cold. The system not only highlights the comparisons of user rating & system rating differences but enables the user to understand what needs to done further to improve the call rating

Key benefits of CRM

  • CRM systems help the organization in identifying potential customers.
  • Gives business ability to personalize relationships with customers regardless of which employee is servicing them.
  • Repository can be maintained on customer profiles, thereby each client as a indidual also understand customer’s specific needs and transaction profile.
  • Using CRM data, marketing campaigners can be coordinated more effectively by ensuring that promotions.
  • CRM on Android Mobile.
  • Sells Cycle Hierarchy.


Management Reports

  • Call
  • Executive call assignment Status
  • Call Overview by executive
  • Call Overview by Product
  • All Open Calls
  • Call Follow-Up
  • Funnel
  • Order Received
  • Appointment by BOE
  • Expected Order
  • Daily Prospect Entry
  • Executive Performance Overview
  • User
  • User login time information


Performance Reports
  • Closed order analysis
  • Lost order analysis
  • Special price request analysis
  • Performance Overview
  • Product territory order closure performance
  • Product executive order closure performance
  • Demo
  • Lost order analysis
  • Special Price
  • Prebid
  • Quotations
  • Duplicate Prospect

Customer Service Support Module

  • Complaint Register through email and telephone
  • Once Complaint registered , system generates ticket number
  • Ticket Description will be sent to customer via mail
  • Call directly assign to support engineer
  • Once call completed satisfaction report will be sent via mail

Competitor Information

  • Competitor Product Comparison
  • Our Pitch for competition
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