Adat Soft

Adat is an affordable integrated suite of business application designed specifically for the small and mid-sized manufacturing organizations, business owners can leverage a single application to automate various business processes and deliver accurate, critical up to the minute business information across all business functions. This visibility into Purchase, Sub Contracting, Product Development, Stores, Warehouse management, Finance, manufacturing, enables confident decisions which in turn increases the overall profitability, and gives a better level of control on business.

S.M.S. facility in Adat Soft

  • S. M. S. Facility is included in new Adat Soft. With this facility farmers can send S. M. S. to each others to share there knowledge about market. S.M.S. will send by Firms Name, With this Facility farmer can get the benefit in his business by sending and getting the information very fast, in very low price. S.M.S. uses is time and cost saving for Market Reporting.

Trading/Loading software

  • So many Merchants do the business of Trading/Loading with Adat Business. For this business we are the one who have developed the system. In this Software we take care of all needs of Loading business.

Why Using AdatSoft?

More than 2000 Merchants are using this software We launched Adat Software in 1993. This is the oldest software for Adat Business So many satisfied customers who are using Adat more than 15 years Customer Care Center for your quick service This Software can handle all type of material like Tomato, Onion, Potato, Fruits, vegetables and etc. More than 2000 satisfied customers from Pune, Mumbai, Other Districts from Maharashtra, Karanataka, Andhrapradesh, Madhyapradesh, Tamilnadu
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