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Rural Innovation Fund: Awardees

  • 22 July 2009 Microsoft Mission 2007: Over 400 proposals were received in response to the Rural Innovation Fund, a Fund created for Mission 2007 by Microsoft and aim of the Fund is to support those working towards developing innovative applications / solutions / content / services in areas related to Mission 2007 needs.
  • SOS ICS being awarded by Microsoft Mission 2007 for Rural Innovation
  • Village Centric Disaster Management System
  • Proposal to develop a 'Village Centric Disaster Management System: SOS-ICS' submitted by Vritti Solutions Ltd., Mumbai, leading to better response and relief measures in case of disasters.
  • A Disaster Response Network (DRN) for collecting information about likely disaster threats, and resources like man, machine / equipment, support services and key persons, will be created at village level and structured in such a way that it can be consolidated at Taluka, District, State or National level.
  • The winning project are in areas of urgent needs awaiting appropriate solutions: Rural Health Care, Education, E-Commerce, Community Training and Disaster Management.
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